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We are a 501 (c) 3 registered nonprofit with a mission to embrace empower and encourage our returning citizens through community engagement and after care.

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Our Programs

We offer many programs and services to women including: binding contracts & goal setting; resume writing, & job search and general counselling. We are proud to share that this organization is 90% governed by returning citizens

Our Founder

Our founder Tabatha Trammell had a long battle with addiction and being involved with the criminal justice center in a negative manner. Through pray ,church involvement, intensive drug rehabilitation and family support Ms. Trammell has reunited with her children and family. She has legal custody of her four grandchildren and is now a leader and advocate for re entry and drug rehabilitation!

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  • Children of female offenders are seven times more likely to become incarcerated than those of the non-incarcerated females.
  • Female offenders report leaving behind one to 10 children in the care of others during incarceration
  • Pathways to crime include a long history of sexual and/or physical abuse, unhealthy relationships or substance abuse:
    – Approximately 50 percent were physically abused
    – Approximately 45 percent have history of sexual abuse
    – 75 percent had drugs involved in convictions Female Facilities Bleckley Residential Substance Abuse Treatment

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Your generosity makes our work possible. Whether you contribute financially or as advocate for good.

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To help our Georgia community here is a list of state and local resources that can be accessed from entry to prison through successful transition, reintegration, and aftercare in the community.  Our vision is that every person released from prison will have the tools and support needed to succeed in the community.

Pre-Release Resources 

Successful transition starts from the day an individual arrives at a facility.  To identify resource needs to aid in successful transitions specialized staff are housed at each Department of Corrections facility (Click the link to see a list of Georgia Department of Corrections facilities GDC Facilities) to provide assistance.

Community Resources  

Community Coordinators provide direct support to the local DCS sites.  They work within their assigned circuit to develop and maintain relationships with service providers and resources.  Community Coordinator also assists with hand on case management of high needs cases. Referring individuals to housing, employment, mentoring resources when identified as a need.   

Day Reporting Centers

Day Reporting Centers (DRCs) are community-based programs are highly structured, non-residential alternatives targeting high risk/ high need offenders. 

Housing Resources

The Housing Unit is responsible for overseeing the transitional housing for offender reentry (THOR) and Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH) program through building resources within the community and compliance checks of providers. 

Community Counseling Services

Community Counseling Services provides training, continuous quality improvement, and program fidelity for approximately 160 counselors within DCS Field offices and Day Reporting Centers.

Additional information can be requested at ReentryServicesInfo@dcs.ga.gov.

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